Professional Translation and Interpretation Services Provider

Based in Vancouver BC, we are a translation and interpretation services provider serving clients across Canada and internationally.  We specialize in large translation projects across different subjects as well as certified document translations.  Our clients include government organizations, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and companies.  Our project managers are experienced in handling large projects to guarantee a smooth process, resulting in quality translations.

We are a social media agency serving Fortune 500 multinational companies.  Given the international needs of our clients, we have worked with Aportto on many occasions to translate phrases on key visuals and digital content.  Aportto was the fourth agency we have tried and we have been happy with them since.      

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Why Pick Us?

We offer personalized customer service.

Each of our clients is assigned a project manager who handles the entire translation process, which often includes desktop publishing (DTP) for print-ready formats.  The project manager provides answers about the progress throughout the process.  

We provide 100% human translations

We maintain a pool of translators large enough to meet the demand, yet small enough to have a full understanding of each of their capabilities and expertise.  Each translator has gone through a strict screening process. 

What We Believe

Translation is art and science combined.  It is an art because it is not merely supplanting one form of words for another.  A text given to different translators produces different translations.  What separates a good translation from a bad one is that the former effectively conveys the message of the original text to the target audience while the latter fails to do so.

Translation is also a science in the sense that it needs to follow principles and rules of syntax and grammar.  A good translator then, has the skills to mediate source ideas across cultural boundaries. 


Our Services


Our specialties include, but are not limited to, the following:  certified translation for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) or other official uses, medical translation, technical translation, legal translation, business/financial translation, website translation, mining translation, and government translation.



We offer professional interpreting services in a wide range of industries.  Our services include consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation.  Clients often come to us for certified or accredited interpreters for court hearings and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) interviews.


We have the expertise and technology to handle complex scripts like Punjabi and Vietnamese, as well as bidirectional scripts like Arabic and Farsi.  Many of our clients choose us because we are a one-stop service provider that can provide translations in print-ready format for pamphlets, brochures, flyers, etc. 


As a one-stop services provider, we can provide translation services with transcription in a package to save cost, if translation is also required by our clients.  We offer a very straightforward pricing structure.