title iconInterpretation

We offer professional interpreting services in a wide range of industries.  Our interpreters help to overcome language barriers by listening to a speaker in one language, grasping the content of what is being said, and then paraphrasing his or her understanding of the meaning in the target language.  Our services include consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation.  Clients often come to us for certified or accredited interpreters for court hearings and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) interviews.


Consecutive Interpretation Service

This is the method of communicating a message from one language to another in segments.  The original speaker pauses between sentences or thoughts and allows time for the interpreter to deliver his message in the target language.  Consecutive interpreting is best suited for situations involving a small number of people or one-on-one conversations.


We often provide consecutive interpretation for the following:

  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) interviews
  • Court hearings
  • Medical consultations
  • Client-attorney meetings
  • Parent-teacher meetings
  • Business meetings
  • Strata meetings

Simultaneous Interpretation Service

This method is also known as conference interpreting.  The interpretation is transmitted to listeners in real time while the original speech is still in progress.  Simultaneous interpreting is primarily used in formal or large group settings, where a speaker is speaking in front of an audience.  Simultaneous interpreting is very complex and demanding, and therefore a minimum of two interpreters is required for an assignment.


We often provide simultaneous interpretation service for the following:

  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Focus groups
  • Lectures and presentations
  • Workshops
  • Business or board meetings
  • Tours