Charities & Non-Profits

Special Rates for Charities and Non-profits

From experience with our charity and non-profit clients, we understand budget and funding difficulties can often arise, especially in an ethnically and linguistically diverse place like metro-Vancouver, where multi-lingual translations are often required. Aportto likes to be socially responsible, therefore, we are happy to offer lower rates for tight budgets in support of causes we believe in. Needless to say, a discount in price does not lead to a discount in quality.


No Obligation Price Quote

There are four ways to receive a free quotation:

  1. Simply fill out the quote request form and upload your file
  2. E-mail us with the content for translation at (link sends e-mail)
  3. Call us at 604-229-2582 or 1-888-868-1163 to speak directly with an Aportto team member
  4. Use our live chat fuction at the bottom right hand side of Aportto's website